Current Projects

Application to Reduce Outpatient Clinic Return Visits and Improve Access

Funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs, PERU is currently collaborating with the Veterans Engineering Resource Center in Pittsburgh to develop a mobile application that will help patients monitor their health and reduce outpatient return visits.


Funded by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Health Plan, this project will evaluate the potential cost savings and health outcomes for patients and providers at the EMPOWER3 Center for Health, located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. This healthcare system uses a direct primary care (DPC) model in which patients pay a monthly or annual fee that covers all primary care services, rather than a traditional third-party payment or fee-for-service model.

Previous Projects

Additional Analysis of the Pennsylvania Project

Funded by Merck & Co., Inc., this additional analysis of the Pennsylvania Project evaluated which patients responded best to a screening and brief intervention (SBI) program implemented within community pharmacies and the healthcare costs and events that were most impacted by patient health changes associated with SBI.

Evaluating the Impact of Sample Medication on Subsequent Patient Adherence

Funded by MedVantx, Inc. and UPMC Health Plan, this project evaluated whether providing patients a free 30-day generic sample of their prescribed medication dispensed via a kiosk at the point-of-care, typically a primary care provider office, had a measurable impact on patient medication adherence and healthcare costs.

Effect of a Community Pharmacist Intervention on Adherence to Long-Term Medications (ECO-PHIL)

Funded by Merck & Co., Inc., this randomized controlled trial evaluated the effect of adherence interventions on patients’ medication adherence to dyslipidemia and anti-diabetes medications.