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Overdose Free PA

The TAC provides a wealth of information on the status of overdose death rates and causes across Pennsylvania through this interactive website. The database is expanding each day, providing up-to-date information about overdose prevention, collecting data on overdose deaths from more Pennsylvania counties, and presenting this data by a variety of factors that can support county prevention efforts.

Strategies for Success

The TAC conducts assessments with each community focused on identifying the community’s strengths and challenges that impact county-wide efforts to reduce overdoses. Using a tested systems Framework, the TAC helps communities develop a strategic plan that capitalizes on their strengths and minimizes challenges when implementing projects aimed at reducing overdoses.

The TAC provides continuing technical assistance, so communities can sustain successful approaches and reduce overdose deaths for years to come.

Funding Assistance

The TAC will provide input to PCCD Requests for Proposals that call for the development and maintenance of successful collaborative initiatives aimed at reducing overdoses. The TAC will provide assistance to applicant counties to refine their proposals, develop their approach, and, if awarded,  implement their initiatives.

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The Pennsylvania Heroin Overdose Prevention Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is a new resource for communities. To learn more about its associated partners and other overdose initiatives, please visit:

PCCD Opioid Symposium: Prevention, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery- January 27, 2016

Materials from Dr. Jan Pringle’s afternoon session, “Developing your Coalition, Gathering Your Community Data, and Developing a Strategic Plan,” are below: