The PERU IHSI team’s vision is to enable all health systems to conceptualize and integrate innovations to optimize service quality, patient outcomes, and cost savings, while achieving their vision for all patients and communities that they serve.

The IHSI Team provides the following implementation support services to ensure innovations are implemented in an effective, efficient, and sustainable way.

Training Development and Facilitation

The IHSI Team works with sites to assess implementation goals and identify gaps in knowledge and skill.


The IHSI Team develops and conducts customized training and education for healthcare providers, clinical and administrative staff, community members, and patients based on individual needs, priorities and service areas. Training needs assessments are conducted to help determine appropriate training content and sequence.

Trainings are then developed and facilitated to promote participant engagement through both didactic and skills-based learning methodologies. Customized training and education plans are created to support skill development, knowledge transfer and successful implementation into unique settings.

  • Several core training topics are recommended for all sites based on the external learning needed for the innovation being implemented. Site liaisons may recommend supplemental trainings the site may benefit from.
  • Partnering sites have access to extensive training library with presentations, case studies, videos, interactive lessons, and educational support materials.
  • Site-specific and community-focused trainings and information can be created upon request.

Innovation and Integration Technical Consulting

The IHSI Team assigns a dedicated site liaison to provide ongoing concierge technical assistance to support implementation and overcome barriers.


The IHSI Team provides concierge technical consulting, which encompasses a range of activities intended to support innovation and implementation. The ongoing data-informed and individualized consulting to sites includes the following services:

  • Data-informed and individualized support to sites via phone, email, and in-person site visits.
  • Continuous quality improvement (CQI) and process improvement efforts using Principles of Lean and A3 to increase implementation efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Linkage to a physician consultant for expert consultation and telehealth support for treatment.

Analytics and Quality Improvement

The IHSI Team works with each partnering health system and site to facilitate the implementation of data-driven continuous quality improvement (CQI).

analyticsqualityimprovement1 Continuous quality and process improvement efforts, base in the principles of Lean and the A3 Process, are used to increase innovation efficiency and effectiveness. The IHSI Team collaborates with sites to optimize outcomes through the collection of key data measures using a flexible approach to data collection, including EHR systems, and defined performance benchmarks based on implementation status and goals.

  • Monthly data reports are used to communicate successes, opportunities for improvement, and monitor performance trends over time to highlight quality of care.

Sustainability Enhancement

The IHSI Team supports project partners to ensure innovations are sustainable following implementation and evaluation.


The IHSI Team assesses sustainability and capacity using comprehensive technical assistance needs and organizational health questionnaires to provide feedback to guide ongoing implementation. Project partners are supported through the establishment of sustainable innovations for health systems through the use of:

  • Capacity is developed through assessing the key sustainability domains and developing a comprehensive, customized sustainability plan.
  • Continual focus on sustainability ensures targeted efforts to strategically utilize resources and develop collaborative partnerships.
  • Evaluation efforts are used to develop data driven strategies to guide sustainability planning.