The PERU IHSI team’s vision is to enable all health systems to conceptualize and integrate innovations to optimize service quality, patient outcomes, and cost savings, while achieving their vision for all patients and communities that they serve.

A dedicated site liaison from the IHSI Team will offer customized and data-driven “concierge technical assistance” from the initial meeting until a site achieves sustainability. Concierge technical assistance is provided both remotely and in person via scheduled site visits while site-specific factors and available resources determine the implementation timeline.

The IHSI team uses the Systems Transformation Framework (STF) to systematically guide the activities of the dedicated, multidisciplinary team throughout the program implementation and evaluation.

The IHSI Team works collaboratively with a site to identify innovation implementation objectives and develop an implementation plan and timeline that includes training, implementation, and evaluation support.

Activities in the implementation process are grouped into the following five phases: