Objective/Goals The project aims to:
– Implement SBIRT in primary care sites across AHN’s network using an evidence-based clinical model
– Integrate SBIRT and related activities within Electronic Health Records (EHR) of project sites
– Implement care coordination activities to ensure that every patient receives the right care by the right provider every time
– Implement a robust quality improvement process that permits the program to continuously assess outcomes and improve processes
– Implement timely and accurate data collection processes that ensure data are submitted to SAMHSA
– Conduct cost-effectiveness/cost-benefit analyses for SBIRT services
– Develop and implement a sustainability plan for integration into primary care sites
– Conduct and disseminate meaningful research with the evaluation data gathered.
Project Partners Allegheny Health Network (AHN)
Timeline of Project September 2019 – September 2023
Funder Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
Location/Implementation site(s) – Greentree Medical Associates (Allegheny County, PA)
– Wexford Health & Wellness Pavilion (Allegheny County, PA)
– Allegheny Valley North (Butler County, PA)
– Health & Wellness Pavilion West (Erie County, PA)
Innovations – Capacity Building
– Health Information Exchanges
– Electronic Health Record Integration/Guidance
– Telehealth Implementation
– Training and Education
– Patient-Centered Interventions
– Clinical Assessments
– Physical/Behavioral Health Screening
Expected Outcomes/ Sustainability – Increased access to appropriate SUD, MOUD, and mental health services
– Reduced in substance use-related injuries and deaths
– Reduced in number of patients presenting with SUD
– Reduced in attendant costs
– Permanent integration of SBIRT into EHRs and workflows in primary care sites throughout AHN network
– Increase in healthcare professionals trained as SBIRT Champion Trainers
– Improved reimbursement models for provision of SBIRT services