SUPPORT Program is dedicated to providing all agencies involved in the program with the training, resources, and support to provide the highest quality SUD prevention, recovery, and treatment services for all individuals in Greene County, PA.
Objective/Goals The project aims to:
– Decrease the prevalence and risk of OUD and other SUDs and related co-occurring mental health disorders and infectious diseases in Greene County, Pennsylvania (PA)
– Increase access to high quality and evidence-based treatments for SUD, including medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD)
– Improve integration of care for patients with SUD by integrating care for SUD within physical and behavioral health settings
– Improve reimbursement through the development of a sustainable funding mechanism for SUD treatment and services
– Enhance collaboration between first responders, community stakeholders, and treatment providers in Greene County, PA
– Increase SUD treatment engagement and retention by increasing the number of individuals receiving services essential to recovery, including recovery support services, and enhancing the current continuum of care for SUD and co-occurring mental health disorders.  
Project Partners – Greene County Department of Human Services
– Cornerstone Care Community Health Centers
– Beacon Health Options
Timeline of Project September 2019 – September 2021
Funder Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA)
Location/Implementation site(s) – Greene County, PA
– Greene County Department of Human Services
– Cornerstone Care Community Health Centers
– Washington Health System OBGYN Care (Greene County, PA)
Innovations – Capacity Building
– Health Information Exchanges
– Electronic Health Record Integration
– Community Capacity Development
– Training and Education
– Patient-Centered Interventions
– Clinical Assessments
– Physical/Behavioral Health Screening
– Telehealth Implementation
– Value-Based Payment Models
Expected Outcomes/ Sustainability  – Increase access to appropriate SUD and MOUD services in Greene County
– Enhance prevention, treatment, and recovery initiatives within Greene County
– Reduce the number of substance use-related injuries and deaths in Greene County
– Integrate SBIRT and MOUD into the existing workflow at participating sites
– Integrate SBIRT and MOUD into the EHR system at participating sites
– Increase coordination of care among treatment and service providers in Greene County