Enable all health systems to conceptualize and integrate innovations to optimize services and achieve their vision for all the patients and communities that they serve.

The PERU Innovative Health System Initiatives (IHSI) program facilitates development, integration, and application of best practices into health systems to achieve their vision. IHSI promotes physical and behavioral health integration and collaboration among diverse service providers to offer patient-centered, high quality health care. IHSI is comprised of four program areas:

  • The Care Coordination program area improves the continuum of care for patients with physical, behavioral, and substance use disorders by organizing and facilitating collaborative efforts among all providers striving to improve a patient’s health and wellbeing.
  • The Capacity Development program area optimizes existing resources and curricula of healthcare professional programs to increase the number of providers prepared to address future diseases and medical complications which will ultimately promote positive behavior change.
  • The Treatment Integration program area provides healthcare professionals of all types with the knowledge, skills, tools, and support to drive the successful implementation of novel interventions to improve treatment-related service delivery.
  • The Pharmacy Integration program area Enhances clinical pharmacists’ role in patient care by integrating behavioral and physical health services through evidence-based collaborative care innovations.